Interested in getting started with CRYO21?

You may already own your practice or would like to start a new. We offer a complete marketing package and full training.

The potential for high and fast earnings are great. In addition to permanent fat removal without surgery, the devices can be used to pain treatment, facial lifting, wrinkle removal and firming. We offer Scandinavia’s and Baltics’ most exclusive and complete concept for health, beauty and treatment. Together with our natural remedies this makes us the complete health provider!

The manufacturer of the devise in Italian company 21Equipment S.I. ( which has been a leading manufacturing company in aesthetics for over then 40 years. The sole distributor in Baltic Countries is Cryo21 Baltics OÜ based in Tallinn.


Besides the initial training we run regularly  seminars and workshop to share best practices and learn new technics. 


We will help you with the marketing of the CRYO21 treatments. Access to ads, flyers and marketing material like roll-up etc.

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